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About Gerencia León

Company Profile of Gerencia León S.R.L. owned by the Ruprecht family in Colonia Independencia, Paraguay

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About Gerencia León

We are a small company owned and run by the Ruprecht family. Our specialties are management and marketing consulting as well as office services in Paraguay.

Our staff consists of a team with international management and leadership experience. Thus, we can support you in any task regarding management, administration, and leadership.

Since we are entirely autofinanced, we are independent from the capital market.

We are located in Col. Independencia, in the heart of Paraguay in Latin America, and have an official representation in Switzerland.


Our Story

2017: Beginning in Switzerland

Our story begins in 2017 in Switzerland, still under the name of “R & R Ruprecht Management LLC”, specializing in business consulting, financial services, and property management. Our customers are SME, clubs, and wealthy individuals.

2018: Partnership with 5Ypsilon

Im 1998, we agreed on a strategic partnership with 5Ypsilon Service GmbH in Liestal, who took responsibility for all of our customers insurances, accounting, and everyday services, whereas we focused on strategic consulting, turnaround management, and marketing. This allowed us to expand our activities to all of Switzerland.

2021: Moving to Paraguay

2021, the company owners decided to move to Paraguay, which was an important part of our family for a long time. From here, we continued to offer our services to our customers, together with 5Ypsilon.

2023: establishing a S.R.L.

Due to steadily increasing orders, we established our S.R.L. (Paraguayan Limited Liability Company), offering our services to our local and international customers.

Having been self-employed since I was 25, I know exactly what challenges an entrepreneur is facing. It is my pleasure to share this experience with you, following my motto: Never give up - faith moves mountains!

David Ruprecht

Managing Partner, Gerencia León S.R.L.

Our Partners

Speedtransport Paraguay

Speedtransport Paraguay is a division of Gerencia León S.R.L., specializing in transportation of goods and people within Paraguay.

Barrito León S.R.L.

Barrito León S.R.L. is our real estate company named after the first project ever realized in Paraguay (Barrito León in Planta Urbana, Col. Independencia).

Schibli-Carnelli AG

Schibli-Carnelli AG is a Swiss company owned by our family that specialises in repairing all sorts of electric motors.

5Ypsilon Service GmbH

5Ypsilon is a Swiss tax consultant and insurance broker, tending to the specific needs of our European customers

Looking forward to you!

Are you interested, or do you have any questions? If so, do not hesitate to contact us - we are looking forward to being at your service!