ICT Support

Brainpower instead of Headaches

Gerencia León S.R.L. offers a wide range of ICT support for small businesses – from templates up to an integrated ERP solution.

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ICT Support for Small Businesses

Computers can either be useful tools or the source of many hassles.

The Gerencia León S.R.L. staff has several years of experience with various softwares and systems, thus we may offer our help for (almost) any case.

Our Offer regarding ICT Support

Template programming

Be it a template for a Microsoft™ (Word, Excel oder PowerPoint) oder Apple™ (Pages, Numbers oder Keynote) software with your individual Corporate Design or a complex Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet – we dispose of a vast selection of ready-to-use templates. And if you need something new or specific, we program it for you.

Small Business Software Solutions

If you need an integrated software solution, we help you selecting and implementing the best option.

Live Support

If you have issues with your Mac or PC, we offer live support by Zoom, which combines videocalls with remote maintenance.

Looking forward to you!

Are you interested, or do you have any questions? If so, do not hesitate to contact us - we are looking forward to being at your service!