Terms and Conditions

of Gerencia León S.R.L.
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Terms and Conditions of Gerencia León

version 1.0.0 dated 2023-11-23 

A. General Conditions

  1. The present terms and conditions (hereafter “terms) are applied to all relations between us, Gerencia León S.R.L. Planta Urbana, 5350 Col. Independencia, Guaíra, Paraguay (hereafter Gerencia León) and our customers.
  2. The present terms are based on the International Trade Law.
  3. Stipulations divergent of the terms are generally possible, as long as they do not contradict the code and / or any law at the site of the customer; however, they need to be agreed on in written form (e-mail exchange is sufficient)
  4. The privacy policy of Gerencia León are an integral part of the present terms and have priority over them as well as any stipulations according to A. 3.
  5. If no other regulation has been agreed on, all customers residing in Paraguay will pay their bills in Guaraní, anyone else will be billed in US dollars (hereafter $)
  6. Gerencia León reserves their right to alter the present terms without notice in advance, but will archive all versions, and number and date them to identify them at any time. For any customer relation, the version in power at the moment the order was placed is to be applied to the contract.
  7. This translation serves but the purpose of information of our English speaking customers; only the German original is legally binding.
  8. If any regulation of the terms should be entirely or partially invalid or null and void, the other regulations still remain in vigor (severability clause). Said regulation shall be replaced by the legal regulation that corresponds best to the purpose of the regulation.
  9. The place of jurisdiction for any arguments is Villarrica, Guaíra, Paraguay; however, Gerencia León reserves its right to pursue her client at the place of jurisdiction at the customer’s legal residence.


B. Legal Foundation

  1. Any work that Gerencia León performs a customer is to be considered a “simple assignment”.
  2. Whenever Gerencia León issues an offer, the corresponding assignment is to be considered as in vigor as soon as the customer placed an order in written form.
  3. An assignment is to be considered as accomplished as soon as Gerencia León finished all tasks and the customer paid all corresponding invoices.


C. Design

a. General Conditions

  1. “Design” refers to all kinds of services related to web design or graphic design
  2. Gerencia León is obliged to fulfill all tasks according to the design assignment professionally and in all conscience.

b. Creating a design

  1. Gerencia León creates a design according to the assignment, ensuring that during the development process, only Ruprecht Marketing and the client can see the work in progress (web design: maintenance mode needs to be active)
  2. The assignment according especially to C. b. 1 is accomplished as soon as the customer validated the content and Gerencia León turned off the maintenance mode and / or sent the electronic originals.

c. Billing for the Design

  1. After the accomplishment of the assignment as describe in C. b. 2, Gerencia León bills the customer. The customer pays the corresponding amount within 10 banking days.
  2. Gerencia León reserves their right to reestablish the maintenance mode or to delete the entire website in case the invoice according C. c. 1 is not paid within the due period and/or to take further measures to ensure the payment (e. g. cashing or execution).
  3. Furthermore, Gerencia León reserves their right to bill any external services in advance, e. g. the introduction of images or videos from iStock by a separate invoice.

d. Hosting Conditions

  1. Unless there is any contradicting stipulation, Gerencia León ensures the hosting of the website. The hosting period is exactly 365 days (366 days in leap years).
  2. The hosting contract will automatically be renewed unless canceled by any party in written form at least 60 days ahead of the renewal.
  3. If the hosting was not canceled according C. d. 2,, Gerencia León bills the hosting service at least 30 days in advance, and the customer pays the service within banking days; otherwise, the hosting contract will be canceled, but the invoice will still be due.


D. Marketing Consulting and other Services

a. General Conditions and Nonliability

  1. Gerencia León performs their consulting services according to the assignment in all conscience.
  2. Gerencia León can not be held responsible for any consequences if their recommendations are not implemented correctly, entirely or timely by the customer.
  3. If the client does implement Gerencia León’s recommendations correctly, entirely, and timely, Gerencia León can still not be held responsible for any loss or damage, unless there is an adequate chain of causation between the recommendations and said loss or damage, and Gerencia León verifiably acted with malicious intent or in a grossly negligent way.

b. Pricing and Payment Conditions

  1. Gerencia León offers their services for marketing consulting and others for an hourly rate of $ 25 or accordingly 200’000 Guarani.
  2. Gerencia León reserves their right to demand an advanced payment up to 50% of the amount according to the order confirmation. For services bought in by third parties, an advance payment of 100% may be required.
  3. If the customer still has a balance in his favor after the assignment is accomplished, he has the right to demand the disbursement of said balance within 3 banking days; otherwise, Gerencia León is obliged to reserve this amount to settle any further assignments for said customers until the balance is settled.